Suffel Used Trucks


Welcome to the used trucks pages of Suffel Fördertechnik GmbH & Co. KG. In addition to our current offer of used forklift trucks, ancillary equipment, accessories and special equipment, as well as machinery from our extensive rental park, we would like to give you a brief overview of used trucks at our company and explain our understanding of quality. We do not view used trucks as a "necessary evil", rather as a way of supplying those customers who do not need new vehicles with equipment that meets their required quality level.

As such, our offer ranges from very inexpensive trucks from the return of a used device to one-year old trucks that are almost as good as new from our own demonstration and rental fleet. After 50 years in this market, we also have the connections required to procure machines that are out of the ordinary or that we do not stock. We are one of your first points of call for good, high-quality used trucks. Get in touch - this is the start of a solid, fair partnership.

With Suffel you can now reach for the stars, even with used trucks. The five-star program has now been introduced, which provides detailed information on our repairs standard for trucks. Whether one or several stars, it is the customers who decide and can choose themselves in what condition they want to buy a vehicle. A five-star truck with the Suffel service package is also an alternative to a new truck!

This is not a complex, unfathomable system; the five-star program for used trucks is clear and concise. It creates transparency and sets out what the customer can expect from the equipment.