Checklist for buying a used truck


Only buy a used truck from an appointed dealer, who can guarantee to provide servicing and replacement parts.
Ask your professional association or expert advisor which type of drive (diesel with or without particle filter, LPG with or without catalytic converter, or electric) is right for you.
Build up an accurate picture of the area of application and requirements for the truck.
Invite the expert advisor to visit you on site, so that he can get a sense of your individual situation and can advise you in accordance with your needs.
Get detailed advice on the various financing options available to you.
Define your expectations in terms of the quality and the visual appearance of the truck. The range of trucks available often covers everything from scrap metal to nearly new. (At Suffel, our used trucks are classified according to a five-star system.)
With combustion engines, a compression diagram provides information about the condition, while with batteries we recommend you get a test log.
Practice is better than theory: Test the used truck extensively. Let the future truck operator take a test drive. If he's happy, the boss will be too.
Find out whether a used truck guarantee can be obtained at the time of purchase.
Think of the follow-up costs. Get a tailor-made service package for maintenance that exactly matches your requirements.